Making Money

I’m a family man, with a partner, 2 children and a lot of bills... like many other people. I work full time as an Engineer but Photography is a keen interest of mine, one that I like to make time for but can be an expensive one.

Before I found profitaccumulator I would buy my photography equipment after saving up over a long period, or buy items that seemed like a good offer which were inexpensive, but would end up not fit for use. I entered competitions online, in newspapers and magazines to try and win the items I wanted. Trying to fund my hobby became stressful, it began to take away my passion for photography as I could not afford the kit that I wanted and needed to progress as a photographer. This, along with printing for people and doing shoots for little money, took the soul out of what I enjoyed in the beginning, which was just being creative and getting out on an adventure with my camera.

My money issues turned around after I was introduced to profitaccumulator on Twitter. To begin with I was very sceptical, it seemed too good to be true and I openly said that I believed it to be a scam. After reading online, checking on the Money Expert forum and The Guardian reviews, I held my hands up and admitted I was wrong.

The owner of Profit accumulator sent me the link via Twitter to try a few free offers and read the step by step guide and video

You need NO experience at all, just access to the internet. Spending 2 to 4 hours a week on profit accumulator earned me between £400 and £800 a month. After a few months I had earned enough to buy the 2 Nikon D7100 bodies I wanted (as recommended by the angry photographer) and a lot of glass I thought I would never get!

Profit accumulator is an easy way to earn extra, tax free money. How much money you can make is dependent on how much time you’re able to put in.

If you want any info I have set up a page that I mean to put a monthly blog on as I have all my profits each month logged and ready to go. Feel free to contact me about anything.